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This collection contains research data produced by University of Stirling researchers.

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Date AddedTitleCreator(s)Type
14-Jun-2017Towards effective monitoring of tropical phenological change: maximising returns and reducing uncertainty in long-term studiesBush, Emma R; Bunnefeld, Nils; Dimoto, Edmond; Dikangadissi, Jean-Thoussaint; Jeffery, Kathryn Jane; Tutin, Caroline E G; White, Lee; Abernethy, Katharinedataset
25-May-2017Data from "Mapping the global structure of TSP fitness landscapes"Veerapen, Nadarajen; Ochoa, Gabrieladataset
9-May-2017Nuclear and chloroplast microsatellite and GPS data for the European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in Great Britain, Italy, France, and GermanySjölund, Maria Jennifer; González Díaz, Patricia; Moreno-Villena, Jose J; Jump, Alistair Sdataset
27-Apr-2017Data from "Modelling Genetic Improvement Landscapes with Local Optima Networks"Veerapen, Nadarajen; Daolio, Fabio; Ochoa, Gabrieladataset
21-Apr-2017Datasets for the paper "Search-based energy optimization of some ubiquitous algorithms"Brownlee, Alexander; Burles, Nathan; Swan, Jerrydataset; software
15-Mar-2017Woodland creation and Ecological Networks (WrEN) project bats datasetFuentes-Montemayor, Elisa; Watts, Kevin; Macgregor, Nicholas A; Lopez-Gallego, Zeltia; Park, Kirstydataset
24-Jan-2017Television framing of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum: coding of frames in 2016 EU ref coverage of Reporting Scotland (23.5-23.6.16)Dekavalla, Marinadataset
20-Jan-2017Data from "Understanding Phase Transitions with Local Optima Networks: Number Partitioning as a Case Study"Veerapen, Nadarajen; Daolio, Fabio; Ochoa, Gabriela; Tomassini, Marcodataset
5-Jan-2017Individual wellbeing and bridge: an empirical analysisMcDonnell, Diarmuid; Punch, Samantha; Small, Carolinedataset
3-Nov-2016Dataset: Fourier analysis to detect phenological cycles using tropical field data and simulationsBush, Emma R; Abernethy, Katherine; Jeffery, Kathryn Jane; Tutin, Caroline EG; White, Lee; Dimoto, Edmond; Dikangadissi, Jean-Thoussaint; Jump, Alistair S; Bunnefeld, Nilsdataset
28-Sep-2016The REAL corpusBartie, Phil; Mackaness, William; Gkatzia, Dimitra; Rieser, Verenadataset; image
27-Sep-2016Audiovisual Dataset for audiovisual speech mapping using the Grid CorpusAbel, Andrew; Hussain, Amirdataset
15-Sep-2016Television framing of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum: coding of news sourcesDekavalla, Marinadataset
7-Sep-2016Television framing of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum: coding of frames in television programmesDekavalla, Marinadataset
31-Aug-2016Informal Learning and Citizen ScienceMcDonnell, Diarmuid; Edwards, Richard; Simpson, Ian; Wernham, Chris; Bell, Patrickdataset
22-Aug-2016Nobody's Dream: Stories of Scottish Devolution (podcast)Hames, Scottsound
12-Aug-2016Spatio-seasonal variability of chromophoric dissolved organic matter absorption and responses to photobleaching in a large shallow temperate lakeAullo-Maestro, María Encina; Hunter, Peter; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Mercatoris, Pierre; Kovacs, Attila W; Horvath, Hajnalka; Preston, Tom; Presing, Matyas; Torres Palenzuela, Jesus M; Tyler, Andrewdataset
13-Jun-2016Data from ''Tunnelling Crossover Networks for the Asymmetric TSP"Veerapen, Nadarajen; Ochoa, Gabriela; Tinos, Renato; Whitley, L Darrelldataset
10-May-2016Data sets for the paper "Mining Markov Network Surrogates for Value-Added Optimisation" presented at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2016Brownlee, Alexanderdataset
7-Apr-2016Data from 'Additional dimensions to the study of funnels in combinatorial landscapes'Veerapen, Nadarajen; Ochoa, Gabrieladataset
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23