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This collection contains research data produced by University of Stirling researchers.

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Date AddedTitleCreator(s)Type
19-Apr-2018Whole genome data reveal the complex history of a diverse ecological community - scripts/input dataBunnefeld, Lynsey; Hearn, Jack; Stone, Graham N; Lohse, Konraddataset
10-Apr-2018Effects of water temperature and sediment disturbance on contaminant uptake from sediment to algaeBecker, Amani Edataset
10-Apr-2018Metal concentrations in benthic algae at Lytham St. Anne'sBecker, Amani Edataset
10-Apr-2018Cadmium partitioning in the presence of the diatom Cylindrotheca closteriumBecker, Amani Edataset
5-Apr-2018Data for the paper "Investigating benchmark correlations when comparing algorithms with parameter tuning"Brownlee, Alexander E I; Christie, Lee; Woodward, John Rdataset
5-Apr-2018Data for the paper "Relating training instances to Automatic Design of Algorithms for bin packing via features"Brownlee, Alexander E I; Woodward, John R; Veerapen, Nadarajendataset
26-Mar-2018Neotropical canopy and understory bird assemblagesBradfer-Lawrence, Tom; Gardner, Nick; Dent, Daisydataset
23-Mar-2018Stirling Face Recognition Scale Dataset 2018Bobak, Anna Katarzyna; Mileva, Viktoria R; Hancock, Peter J Bdataset
16-Jan-2018Archive of elephant family information: demographic data for three elephant families (Loxodonta africana) living in Amboseli National Park, 1972-2017Lee, Phyllis; Fishlock, Vicki; Moss, Cynthia Jdataset
10-Jan-2018Data from 'How Perturbation Strength Shapes the Global Structure of TSP Fitness Landscapes'Veerapen, Nadarajen; McMenemy, Paul; Ochoa, Gabrieladataset
17-Nov-2017Lopé Tree Phenology DatasetTutin, Caroline E G; Abernethy, Katharine; White, Lee; Dimoto, Edmond; Dikangadissi, Jean-Thoussaint; Jeffery, Kathryn Jane; Momont, Ludovic; Ukizintambara, Tharcisse; Bush, Emma Rdataset
18-Oct-2017The WrEN project: DipteraFuller, Lauren; Fuentes-Montemayor, Elisa; Watts, Kevin; Macgregor, Nicholas; Bitenc, Katja; Park, Kirstydataset
22-Sep-2017Data underpinning "Risk and Resilience in Scottish Charities"McDonnell, Diarmuid; Rutherford, Alasdair Cdataset
20-Sep-2017Matrix of liana genera surveyed within the Balbina mega-dam systemJones, Isabel Ldataset
30-Aug-2017Harland dataHarland, Bruce; Grieves, Roderick; Bett, David; Stentiford, Rachael; Wood, Emma R.; Dudchenko, Paul A.dataset
3-Aug-2017Raw RADseq data and down-stream SNPs from British Lumbricus rubellus, including the draft Lineage B reference genomeAnderson, Craig; Kille, Peter; Spurgeon, David; Cunha, Luis; Sechi, Pierfrancescodataset
14-Jul-2017Genotype and phenotype data for Recent autopolyploidisation in a wild population of Mimulus guttatus (Phrymaceae)Simón-Porcar, Violeta; Vallejo-Marin, Mariodataset
14-Jul-2017Sustained and transient properties of mirror-symmetry perceptionSharman, Rebecca; Gheorghiu, Elenadataset; software
13-Jul-2017The determinants of charity misconductMcDonnell, Diarmuid; Rutherford, Alasdairdataset
27-Jun-2017Improving Charity Accountability: Lessons From the Scottish ExperienceMcDonnell, Diarmuid; Rutherford, Alasdairdataset
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 43