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Title: Visually activating pathogen disgust: a new instrument for studying the behavioral immune system
Other Titles: Visually activating pathogen disgust
Creator(s): Culpepper, Paxton Douglas
Havlícek, Jan
Leongómez, Juan David
Roberts, S Craig
Contact Email:
Keywords: disgust sensitivity
visual stimuli
disgust images
disgust prime
disgust scale
Date Available: 31-Jul-2018
Citation: Culpepper, PD; Havlícek, J; Leongómez, JD; Roberts, SC (2018): Visually activating pathogen disgust: a new instrument for studying the behavioral immune system. University of Stirling. Faculty of Natural Sciences. Dataset, Image, and Text.
Publisher: University of Stirling, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Dataset Description (Abstract): This dataset represents the electronic supplementary material (ESM) for the study - Visually Activating Pathogen Disgust: A New Instrument for Studying the Behavioral Immune System. This was a 7-stage, bottom-up study designed to generate a new image set for the purpose of studying the behavioural immune system. The data were collected in multiple stages from multiple samples using online surveys, whereby participants listed 5 disgust responses, completed brief questionnaires, and rated textual items and images for disgust. The ESM includes 5 files. ESM1 is a one page MS document containing 4 tables illustrating the descriptive statistics for stages 1, 3, and 5. ESM2 is an Excel file containing 2 sheets of data collected from Stage 1. Sheet 1 consists of the 460 responders and the 2,287 disgust item responses translated and collated from the 3 different language version surveys. Sheet 2 is a breakdown of the countries from which responders responded to each language version survey. ESM3 is an Excel file containing 3 sheets of data from Stage 3. Sheet 1 consists of a copy of the disgust item rating task, which includes the list of 773 items. Sheet 2 consists of the 20 participants’ ratings of the 773 disgust items, and shows the ratings standardised into z scores. Sheet 3 consists of the overall mean ratings for each item arranged in the order presented in the task in the left column grouping, the mean ratings arranged in rank order in the middle column grouping, and mean z scores of the ratings arranged by rank order in the right column grouping. The ratings for each item are also split by gender. ESM4 is an Excel file containing 2 sheets of data from Stage 4. Sheet 1 consists of the item categorisation task and shows the ratings provided by the 3 raters. Sheet 2 consists of the remaining list of items (N = 131) rated as pathogen disgust items. The final file (ESM5) is a zipped folder containing the resulting Culpepper Disgust Image Set (C-DIS), made freely available for future researchers.
Dataset Description (TOC): The data set comprises the Electronic Supplementary Material for this study. It includes a cover page and 5 ESM files. See cover page for description of each ESM file.
Type: dataset
Geographic Location(s): Cross-cultural
Time Period: 2016-2017
Rights: Rights covered by the standard CC-BY 4.0 licence:
Affiliation(s) of Dataset Creator(s): University of Stirling (Psychology)
Charles University, Prague
El Bosque University
University of Stirling (Psychology)

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