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Title: Captive giant panda circadian/circannual behavioural data
Creator(s): Gandia, Kristine M
Kessler, Sharon E
Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M
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Keywords: circadian
animal welfare
Citation: Gandia, KM; Kessler, SE; Buchanan-Smith, HM (2023): Captive giant panda circadian/circannual behavioural data. University of Stirling, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Psychology. Dataset.
Publisher: University of Stirling, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Psychology
Dataset Description (Abstract): The circadian clock influences many aspects of animal welfare including metabolism, breeding, and behaviour. In most species, circadian clocks are internal clocks regulated by external environmental cues called zeitgebers. The most common zeitgebers are light/dark cycles, food, and temperature. However, within captive environments, animals can be housed at latitudes with different light/dark cycles than their natural habitat and most other zeitgebers are controlled by humans. The effects that modified zeitgebers have on captive animals’ circadian and circannual rhythmicity is largely unknown. To explore this and potential welfare implications, we measured and analysed observational behavioural data of zoo-housed giant pandas for one year utilising live camera footage from six zoos across the world. The worldwide distribution of the zoos gives us the unique opportunity to investigate how housing giant pandas within and outside of their natural latitudinal range can affect circadian rhythmicity and behaviour. Focal sampling was completed for eleven giant pandas each month for 12 consecutive months to gain an estimate of one circannual cycle. Within each month, we estimated one daylight or 24-hour cycle of activity/behavior by conducting 10-minute observation sessions systemically each hour the pandas were visible.
Type: dataset
Time Period: 10/12/2020-30/11/2021
Rights: Rights covered by the standard CC-BY 4.0 licence:
Affiliation(s) of Dataset Creator(s): University of Stirling (Psychology)

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