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Title: Transmission of vibrations in buzz-pollinated plant species with disparate floral morphologies
Creator(s): Nevard, Lucy
Russell, Avery
Foord, Karl
Vallejo-Marin, Mario
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Date Available: 20-Apr-2021
Citation: Nevard, L; Russell, A; Foord, K; Vallejo-Marin, M (2021): Transmission of vibrations in buzz-pollinated plant species with disparate floral morphologies. University of Stirling. Faculty of Natural Sciences. Dataset.
Publisher: University of Stirling, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Dataset Description (Abstract): In buzz-pollinated plants, bees apply thoracic vibrations to the flower, causing pollen release from anthers, often through apical pores. Bees usually grasp one or more anthers with their mandibles, and vibrations are transmitted to the focal anther(s), adjacent anthers, and the whole flower. Pollen release depends on anther vibration, and thus it should be affected by vibration transmission through flowers with distinct morphologies, as found among buzz-pollinated taxa. We compare vibration transmission between focal and non-focal anthers in four species with contrasting anther arrangements: Cyclamen persicum, Exacum affine, Solanum dulcamara and S. houstonii. We used a mechanical transducer to apply bee-like vibrations to focal anthers, measuring the vibration frequency and displacement amplitude at focal and non-focal anther tips simultaneously using high-speed video analysis (6,000 frames per second). In flowers in which anthers are tightly arranged (C. persicum and S. dulcamara), vibrations in focal and non-focal anthers are indistinguishable in both frequency and displacement amplitude. In contrast, flowers with loosely arranged anthers (E. affine) including those with differentiated stamens (heterantherous S. houstonii), show the same frequency but higher displacement amplitude in non-focal anthers compared to focal anthers. We suggest that stamen arrangement modulates vibration transmission, potentially affecting pollen release and bee behaviour.
Dataset Description (TOC): The dataset contains a csv file corresponding to stamen vibration data obtained from analysis of high-speed video footage of artificially applied vibrations. "Distal" treatment refers to the non-focal anther.
Type: dataset
Contract/Grant Title: Buzz pollination: Integrating bee behaviour and floral evolution
Ecology and evolution of buzz pollination
Funder(s): NERC - Natural Environment Research Council
Leverhulme Trust
Pittsburgh Ecology and Evolution Postdoctoral fellowship
Contract/Grant Number: RPG-2018-235
Worktribe Project ID: 350065
Geographic Location(s): County
Rights: Rights covered by the standard CC-BY 4.0 licence:
Affiliation(s) of Dataset Creator(s): University of Stirling (Biological and Environmental Sciences)
Missouri State University
University of Minnesota

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