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Title: Harland data
Creator(s): Harland, Bruce
Grieves, Roderick
Bett, David
Stentiford, Rachael
Wood, Emma R.
Dudchenko, Paul A.
Contact Email:
Keywords: Place cells
Head direction cells
Date Available: 30-Aug-2017
Citation: Dudchenko PA (2017): Harland data. University of Stirling. Dataset.
Dataset Description (Abstract): Position and spike data files for "Lesions of the head direction cell system increase hippocampal place field repetition" by Harland B, Grieves R, Bett D, Stentiford R, Wood ER & Dudchenko P, 2017. Lesions of the head direction cell system increase hippocampal place field repetition, Current Biology, 27 (17), pp. 2706-2712.e2. DOI:
Dataset Description (TOC): Position and spike Matlab files for each animal, recording session and maze configuration (parallel or radial). Dedicated UnZip software is recommended for accessing the dataset, for example, IZArc.
Type: dataset
Contract/Grant Title: Landmark processing in the mammalian brain: do head direction cells drive grid cells and spatial behaviour?
Funder(s): BBSRC - Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Contract/Grant Number: BB/L000040/1
Time Period: 2013-2016
Rights: Rights covered by the standard CC-BY 4.0 licence:
Affiliation(s) of Dataset Creator(s): University of Stirling (Psychology)
University of Edinburgh

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