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Title: Dialing out: A study on overcoming loneliness through call and touch
Creator(s): Gray, Nicholas LT
Roberts, S Craig
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Keywords: loneliness
Citation: Gray, NLT; Roberts, SC (2024): Dialing out: A study on overcoming loneliness through call and touch. Psychology Division, University of Stirling. Dataset.
Publisher: Psychology Division, University of Stirling
Dataset Description (Abstract): As a social species, humans deprived of contact find loneliness a distressing and difficult condition. Recent research emphasises the influence of touch on alleviating loneliness. This research found touch reduces feelings of neglect, a subscale of loneliness. Affectionate touch, which demonstrates care or affection has been previously linked to wellbeing in couples. Here, we investigated whether the effect of simulated touch during a video conversation might be sufficient to influence feelings of loneliness. Sixty participants answered a survey about their home life and relationships, including items that assessed frequency of touch and feelings of loneliness. Following this, they participated in an online video call with three conditions: audio only, audio and video, or audio, video with ‘touch’ (a virtual ‘high-five’). Finally, immediately after the call, they completed a further brief survey including another measure of loneliness. Data were analysed and presented in a paper prepared for publication in February 2023: "Dialing out: A study on overcoming loneliness through call and touch", by Nicholas L.T. Gray and S. Craig Roberts.
Dataset Description (TOC): The data were prepared in Excel, with 61 rows of data, where each data row represents data from an individual participant. There are two tabs. The first (Key) provides a detailed key to each variable. Data are in the second tab (Dialing out - raw data); column headings also provide detailed descriptions of each variable. Data are made available in .xlsx format
Type: dataset
Funder(s): University of Stirling
Time Period: 01/04/2020 - 30/06/2020
Affiliation(s) of Dataset Creator(s): University of Stirling (Psychology)

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