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Title: Abisko soil respiration dataset
Creator(s): Azevedo, Olivia
Contact Email:
Date Available: 5-Jul-2021
Citation: Azevedo, O (2021): Abisko soil respiration dataset. University of Stirling. Faculty of Natural Sciences. Dataset.
Publisher: University of Stirling. Faculty of Natural Sciences
Dataset Description (Abstract): This dataset was used in the manuscript "Predicting Soil Respiration from Plant Productivity (NDVI) in a Sub-Arctic Tundra Ecosystem". The goal of the project was to ascertain if we could measure soil respiration remotely (i.e. using remote sensing, for example using an UAV- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Measurements of soil temperature, NDVI and CO2 efflux were conducted in July 2018 in Abisko, Northern Sweden as part of an undergraduate project. Soil cores were collected and analysed for moisture, organic matter/carbon and root biomass.
Dataset Description (TOC): The dataset consists of the average values for soil temperature (‘Temperature’), normalized difference vegetation index (‘NDVI’), leaf area index (‘LAI’), soil respiration (‘Rs’), soil moisture (‘Moisture’), organic matter in the organic horizon (‘’), carbon in the organic horizon (‘C.Org’) and fine root biomass (‘Roots’). Furthermore, the data indicate where these measurements were made (Blocks 1-4), ‘Community’ i.e. type of plant functional type (B= B. nana, E= E. nigrum, L= Lichen, W= Willow) and level of greenness as ascertain visually from low (‘L’), medium (‘M’) and high (‘H’). ‘Collar’ refers to the location of where the infra-red gas analyser was placed for the repeated measurements of CO2 efflux.
Type: dataset
Contract/Grant Title: Will more productive Arctic ecosystems sequester less soil carbon? A key role for priming in the rhizosphere ("PRIME-TIME")
Funder(s): NERC - Natural Environment Research Council
Altajir Trust scholarship
Contract/Grant Number: NE/P002722/1
Worktribe Project ID: 422566
Geographic Location(s): Stirlingshire
Rights: Rights covered by the standard CC-BY 4.0 licence:
Affiliation(s) of Dataset Creator(s): University of Stirling (Biological and Environmental Sciences)

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