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Title: Genotype data for: Population genomic and historical analysis suggests a global invasion by bridgehead processes in Mimulus guttatus
Other Titles: Data for: Global invasion of monkeyflowers
Creator(s): Vallejo-Marin, Mario
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Keywords: Mimulus
population genomics
invasive species
Date Available: 20-Jan-2021
Citation: Vallejo-Marin, M (2021): Genotype data for: Population genomic and historical analysis suggests a global invasion by bridgehead processes in Mimulus guttatus. University of Stirling. Faculty of Natural Sciences. Dataset.
Publisher: University of Stirling. Faculty of Natural Sciences
Dataset Description (Abstract): Imperfect historical records and complex demographic histories present challenges for reconstructing the history of biological invasions. Here we combine historical records, extensive worldwide and genome-wide sampling, and demographic analyses to investigate the global invasion of Mimulus guttatus from North America to Europe and the Southwest Pacific. By sampling 521 plants from 158 native and introduced populations genotyped at >44,000 loci, we determined that invasive M. guttatus was first likely introduced to the British Isles from the Aleutian Islands (Alaska), followed by admixture from multiple parts of the native range. We hypothesise that populations in the British Isles then served as a bridgehead for vanguard invasions worldwide. Our results emphasise the highly admixed nature of introduced M. guttatus and demonstrate the potential of introduced populations to serve as sources of secondary admixture, producing novel hybrids. Unravelling the history of biological invasions provides a starting point to understand how invasive populations adapt to novel environments.
Dataset Description (TOC): VCF file of genotypes of Mimulus guttatus
Type: dataset
Contract/Grant Title: Voyage to the Aleutian Islands: Using genome analyses to reveal the origins of an invasive plant in northern Europe and beyond
Genetic diversity and ecological success of the invasive riparian plant Mumulus guttatus
Funder(s): NERC - Natural Environment Research Council
National Geographic
Contract/Grant Number: GEFNE164-15
Worktribe Project ID: 417841
Geographic Location(s): Global
Affiliation(s) of Dataset Creator(s): University of Stirling (Biological and Environmental Sciences)

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