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dc.contributorWhytock, Robin C-
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Stirlingen_GB
dc.contributor.otherAgence National des Parcs Nationaux (ANPN) (2010 - 2016)en_GB
dc.contributor.otherImpact Studentship funded by the University of Stirling and ANPN (2013-2016)en_GB
dc.contributor.otherInternational Centre for Medical Research in Franceville (CIRMF) (1986-2010)en_GB
dc.contributor.otherEuropean Union (EU)en_GB
dc.contributor.otherWildlife Conservation Societyen_GB
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Oxforden_GB
dc.contributor.otherEuropean Research Council (ERC)en_GB
dc.coverage.spatialLopé National Park, Gabonen_GB
dc.creatorBush, Emma R-
dc.creatorWhytock, Robin C-
dc.creatorBahaa-el-din, Laila-
dc.creatorBourgeois, Stéphanie-
dc.creatorBunnefeld, Nils-
dc.creatorCardoso, Anabelle W-
dc.creatorDikangadissi, Jean-Thoussaint-
dc.creatorDimbonda, Pacôme-
dc.creatorDimoto, Edmond-
dc.creatorNdong, Josué Edzang-
dc.creatorJeffery, Kathryn J-
dc.creatorLehmann, David-
dc.creatorMakaga, Loïc-
dc.creatorMomboua, Brice-
dc.creatorMomont, Ludovic R W-
dc.creatorTutin, Caroline E G-
dc.creatorWhite, Lee J T-
dc.creatorWhittaker, Alden-
dc.creatorAbernethy, Katharine-
dc.description.abstractThese data accompany the paper "Bush and Whytock et al. 2020. Long-term collapse in fruit availability threatens Central African forest megafauna. Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.abc7791en_GB
dc.description.tableofcontents(1) LopéReproPhenology.csv - Monthly observations of flower and fruit phenology for all trees (n=73 species, 2007 individuals) selected for this analysis from the long-term phenology database recorded at Lopé National Park, Gabon ( (2) LopéTreesDBH.csv - Diameter at breast height (DBH) and relative size measurements for all trees (n=73 species, 2007 individuals) selected for this analysis from the long-term phenology database recorded at Lopé National Park, Gabon ( (3) public_bodyCondition_Dec2019.csv - Body condition scores from elephant photographs taken between 1997 and 2019 at Lopé National Park, Gabonen_GB
dc.publisherUniversity of Stirling. Faculty of Natural Sciences.en_GB
dc.relationBush, ER; Whytock, RC; Bahaa-el-din, L; Bourgeois, S; Bunnefeld, N; Cardoso, AW; Dikangadissi, JT; Dimbonda, P; Dimoto, E; Ndong, JE; Jeffery, KJ; Lehmann, D; Makaga, L; Momboua, B; Momont, LRW; Tutin, CEG; White, LJT; Whittaker, A; Abernethy, K (2020): Bush & Whytock et al. 2020 Dataset. University of Stirling. Faculty of Natural Sciences. Dataset.
dc.relation.isreferencedbyBush ER, Whytock RC, Bahaa-el-din L, Bourgeois S, Bunnefeld N, Cardoso AW, Dikangadissi JT, Dimbonda P, Dimoto E, Edzang Ndong J, Jeffery KJ, Lehmann D, Makaga L, Momboua B, Momont LRW, Tutin CEG, White LJT, Whittaker A & Abernethy K (2020) Long-term collapse in fruit availability threatens Central African forest megafauna. Science, 370 (6521), pp. 1219-1222. Available from:
dc.rightsPhenology data are under copyright of the authors © Tutin, CEG; Abernethy, K; White, L; Dimoto, E; Dikangadissi, JT; Jeffery, KJ; Momont, L; Ukizintambara, T; Bush, ER, 2020. Elephant body condition score data are under copyright of all authors listed in Bush & Whytock et al. 2020. These data are provided for verifying the results presented in Bush & Whytock et al. 2020 and belong to the data authors and to the government of Gabon under the Nagoya Protocol. Requests for permission to work with these data for new research must be directed to the data authors via and to the Gabonese government via the National Parks Agency at Co-authorship should be offered to all data authors upon use of this data.en_GB
dc.subjectTropical forestsen_GB
dc.subjectTropical phenologyen_GB
dc.subjectLong-term monitoringen_GB
dc.subjectClimate changeen_GB
dc.subjectCongo basin foresten_GB
dc.subjectLoxodonta cyclotisen_GB
dc.subjectForest Elephantsen_GB
dc.subject.classification::Ecology, biodiversity and systematicsen_GB
dc.titleDatasets for Long-term collapse in fruit availability threatens Central African forest megafaunaen_GB
dc.identifier.projectidGABON - 04962 00045en_GB
dc.identifier.projectidERC grant agreement no. 679651en_GB
dc.title.projectEU H2020en_GB
dc.title.projectEU 11eme FED ECOFAC6 programme in Gabonen_GB
dc.title.projectUniversity of Oxford’s Hertford College Mortimer-May scholarshipen_GB
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversity of Stirling (Biological and Environmental Sciences)en_GB
dc.contributor.affiliationAgence National des Parcs Nationaux (ANPN), Gabonen_GB
dc.contributor.affiliationNational Centre of Scientific and Technological Research (CENAREST), Gabonen_GB
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