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Title: Supplementary Model for 'The Sustainability Conundrum of Fishmeal Substitution by Plant Ingredients in Shrimp Feeds'
Creator(s): Malcorps, Wesley
Kok, Björn
van't Land, Mike
Fritz, Maarten
van Doren, Davy
Servin, Kurt
van der Heijden, Paul
Palmer, Roy
Auchterlonie, Neil A
Rietkerk, Max
Santos, Maria J
Davies, Simon J
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Keywords: aquaculture
shrimp feed
plant ingredients
marine resources
terrestrial resources
Date Available: 6-Mar-2019
Citation: Malcorps, W; Kok, B; van’t Land, M; Fritz, M; van Doren, D; Servin, K; van der Heijden, P; Palmer, R; Auchterlonie, NA; Rietkerk, M; Santos, MJ; Davies, SJ (2019): Supplementary Model for 'The Sustainability Conundrum of Fishmeal Substitution by Plant Ingredients in Shrimp Feeds'. University of Stirling. Institute of Aquaculture. Dataset.
Publisher: University of Stirling. Institute of Aquaculture
Dataset Description (Abstract): Current knowledge suggests that aquaculture growth and its increasing demand for plant ingredients in aquafeed could affect agricultural supply and its resources, such as land, freshwater, and fertilizer. However, the quantitative impact is relatively unknown. Therefore, we modeled the natural resource demands of a transition to plant-based ingredients in shrimp feed formulations. In this study, feed formulation algorithms were used to create unique feed formulations per shrimp species, with intermediate declining steps of 20% fishmeal substitution by plant ingredients while accounting for the dietary requirements of individual shrimp species. These diets were modeled in combination with a comprehensive multifactorial assessment of marine and terrestrial resource demand for agricultural crop production and processed ingredients. For a detailed description, the secondary data used, feed formulations, resource demand dataset and equations, consult the Materials and Methods of the paper (open access) ‘The Sustainability Conundrum of Fishmeal Substitution by Plant Ingredients in Shrimp Feeds’; The methodology for the feed formulations and data input is explained in Section 3.1. This is followed up (Section 3.2) by a detailed explanation of the marine and terrestrial resource demand dataset for each ingredient, which was based on FAO data and scientific literature. The last (Section 3.3) explains the model simulations and runs and includes an overview of the modeled feed formulations, ingredients, and their respective resource demand values (Table 1). These data are modeled in order to calculate the range in resource demands of the combined ingredients in the feed formulation with the equation explained at the end of Section 3.3.
Dataset Description (TOC): The table of contents of the model is explained on the first tab of the Excel sheet.
Type: dataset
Rights: Rights covered by the standard CC-BY 4.0 licence:
Affiliation(s) of Dataset Creator(s): University of Stirling (Aquaculture)
MatureDevelopment B.V.
Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO)
Mexico Aquaculture Research Inc.
Association of International Seafood Professionals
Aquaculture without Frontiers
Universidad Tecnológica del Mar de Tamaulipas
IFFO, The Marine Ingredients Organisation
Utrecht University
University of Zürich
Harper Adams University

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